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Franciscan Institute

Founded in 1939 by Fr. Thomas Plassmann, O.F.M., President of St. Bonaventure College, and led by its first Director, Fr. Philotheus Boehner, O.F.M., the Franciscan Institute stands as the preeminent center in North America of teaching, research and publication on the history, spirituality and intellectual life of the Franciscan movement.
Thanks in large measure to its magnificent library of medieval and modern sources, the Institute first gained international prominence through its research on the great intellectual figures of the Franciscan tradition, resulting in the publication of the critical editions of their works which was heralded the world over as demonstrating the very highest standards of scholarly research and publication.

Web Research Databases

The Franciscan Institute partners with researchers to provide the following Web research databases:
Franciscan Authors, 13th - 18th centuries (Bert Roest, Maarten van der Heijden and Jean-Francois Godet-Calogeras): http://users.bart.nl/~roestb/franciscan/index.htm
The Franciscan Women database is now live and can be viewed at:  http://franwomen.sbu.edu

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The Franciscan Institute Library St. Bonaventure University


NEW from Franciscan Institute Publications:

Daily Labor of the Early Franciscans by David Flood (2010)

Rule of the Friars Minor, 1209-2009: Historical Perspectives, Lived Realities (2010)

Women of the streets, Early Franciscan Women and Their Mendicant Vocation  (2010) by Darleen Pryds

St. Bonaventure's Defense of the Mendicants (2010) 

Poverty and Prosperity: Franciscans and the Use of Money (2009) 

Rejoicing in the Works of the Lord: Beauty in the Franciscan Tradition  (2009)by Mary Beth Ingham, C.S.J.


Franciscan Web Links
Catholic Information Center on the Internet:  http://www.catholic.net 
The Franciscan Archive:   http://www.franciscan-archive.org
Franciscan Authors, 13th - 18th Centuries:  http://users.bart.nl/~roestb/franciscan/index.htm
The Franciscan Institute (St. Bonaventure University):  http://franinst.sbu.edu 
Franciscan Web Page:  http://www.wtu.edu/franciscan/ 
The Vatican / The Holy See:  http://www.vatican.va 


Major Sources of Franciscan Bibliography

Major Franciscan Periodicals

Franciscan Spirituality Bibliography




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